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Title: Strains Characterization of Mycobacterium gordonae by Southern Hybridization
Authors: Prasit Palittapongarnpim
Keywords: strains characterization;mycobacterium gordonae;hybridization
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Mahidol University
Citation: Naher A, Rienthong S, Rienthong D, Palittapongarnpim P. Strains characterization of mycobacterium gordonae by southern hybridization. Mahidol Journal 1998;5(1):29-30.
Abstract: Mycobacterium gordonae is a scotochromogenic mycobacteris, previously considered as a saprophyte but is now recognized as a potential opportunistic pathogen. Patients are usually compromised and get infected by the bacteria from environmental sources. In order to determine the sources of infection, a method for differentiating strains of M. gordonae is needed. In this study differentiation of the bacteria was tested by Southern hybridization of BstEll-digested chromosomal DNA using a polymorphic DNA fragment of M. tuberculosis H37Rv previously cloned in our laboratory as probe. 23 isolates of M. gordonae could be differentiated into 13 types with the most common hybridization pattern being shared by 14 isolates. The method may be useful for tracing the transmission of M. gordonae from environmental sources to human.
ISSN: 0859-2586
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