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Title: Simple flow injection system for colorimetric determination of iodate in iodized salt
Authors: Kanchana Uraisin
Duangjai Nacapricha
Keywords: Flow injection;Iodate;Iodized salt;ISE;Starch;Tri-iodide
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Elsevier Science B.V.
Citation: Choengchan N, Uraisin K, Choden K, Veerasai W, Grudpan K, Nacapricha D. Simple flow injection system for colorimetric determination of iodate in iodized salt. Talanta 2002;58(6):1195-201.
Abstract: This work presents a flow injection (FI) system that was developed for determination of iodate. The system utilizes the oxidation of iodide by the analyte to iodine, which subsequently forms tri-iodide. In the presence of starch, the blue I3̄ -starch complex is developed within the sample zone and can be colorimetrically detected at 590 nm. Optimization was carried out to make the system suitable for quantitating iodate added to table salts. To prevent accumulation of the blue complex residue on walls of tubing and the flow cell, a port was placed in the system for injection of 10-3 M thiosulfate plug (100 μl). An injection of this cleaning solution after each sample injection is recommended to avoid positive baseline shift. By means of the paired t-test, the amounts of iodine (mg I kg-1) were statistically compared with the results determined by titration and by iodide ion selective electrode. No significant disagreement at 95% confidence was observed. The proposed system is very simple, uses common chemicals and provides rapid analysis (65 injections per h) with high precision (R.S.D. = 0.66%, n = 10). A detection limit of 2 mg I kg-1 salt can be achieved.
ISSN: 0039-9140
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