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Title: Antiferromagnetic exchange coupling between GaMnAs layers separated by a nonmagnetic GaAs:Be spacer.
Authors: Kritsanu Tivakornsasithorn
Keywords: Antiferromagnetic exchange coupling;Antiferromagnetics;GaAs;Interlayer exchange coupling;Neutron scattering measurements;Nonmagnetics
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: 2011 American Institute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics
Abstract: Interlayer exchange coupling (IEC) between two Ga0.95Mn 0.05As layers separated by Be-doped GaAs spacers was investigated using magnetometry and neutron scattering measurements, which indicated the presence of robust antiferromagnetic IEC under certain conditions. We argue that the observed behavior arises from a competition between the IEC field and magnetocrystalline anisotropy fields intrinsic to GaMnAs layers. We estimate the magnitude of the IEC field and show how it decays with increasing temperature.
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ISSN: 00218979
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