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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Determination of Heating Time and Heat Flux of Particle Board by Multiple Regression Models to Apply for Fire Scene InvestigationRatchapak Chitaree; Tosporn Boonyarith
2015Polarizing triangular cyclic interferometer for characterizing optical samples with birefringent propertiesRatchapak Chitaree
2015A demonstration of the simple optical fiber filter in visible and near-infrared wavelengths from green laser and red laser pointersRatchapak Chitaree; Kwan Arayathanitkul
2015Design of Channel Filter based on Asymmetric One-Dimensional Defective Photonic Crystal for Broadband ResponsesAsmar Aming; Ratchapak Chitaree
2015The design of omnidirectional terahertz mirror and TM mode filter based on one-dimensional photonic crystal: Potential for THz communication systemRatchapak Chitaree
2017Measurement of phase retardation in a liquid crystal variable wave retarder using a polarizing triangular interferometerRatchapak Chitaree
2012The temperature effects of diode laser on pulpal tissues for the teeth whitening treatmentKwan Arayathanitkul; Ratchapak Chitaree; Narumon Emarat
2015An Optical Tunable Fiber Filter based on The Concatenated Single-mode Optical Fibers with Different Cut-off WavelengthsRatchapak Chitaree
2011Investigation of the use of rotating linearly polarized light for characterizing SiO2 thin-film on Si substrateRatchapak Chitaree
2011Effective of diode laser on teeth enamel in the teeth whitening treatmentKwan Arayathanitkul; Ratchapak Chitaree; Narumon Emarat