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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Micropropagation of Rhynchostylis gigantea var. rubra through protocorm-like bodiesSasikarn Prasongsom; Kanchit Thammasiri; Ngarmnij Chuenboonngarm
2014Micropropagation of Hedychium coronariumKanchit Thammasiri; Ngarmnij Chuenboonngarm; Thaya Jenjittikul
2014Effect of colchicine incubation time on tetraploid induction of kaempferia rotundaPuangpaka Umpunjun; Ngarmnij Chuenboonngarm; Thaya Jenjittikul; Kanchit Thammasiri
2014Role of temperature and altitude on flowering performances of macadamia nutAussanee Pichakum; Watchara Chintakovid; Charturong Chanseetis; Kanyaratt Supaibulwatana
2014Surface modification of natural rubber film with PMMA nanoparticles stabilized by chitosan or its derivativeThanida Arpornwichanop; Nuttakun Kanjanathaworn; Pramuan Tangboriboonrat
2014Population dynamics and diversity of anopheles mosquito (diptera: culicidae) in a malaria endemic area of western ThailandJinrapa Phothikasikorn; Rapee Boonplueang; Peerapan Tan-ariya
2014Studies on armigeres (arm.) subalbatus (coquillet) (diptera: culicidae), the filarial vector mosquito in rubber plantation at Kanchanaburi province, ThailandJinrapa Phothikasikorn; Rapee Boonplueang; Peerapan Tan-ariya
2014HIV-1 Env-mediated cell-cell fusion assay that utilizes a green fluorescent protein from the planktonic copepod Pontellina plumataRadeekorn Akkarawongsapat
2014Comparison of selective and nonselective enrichment broth media for the detection of campylobacter jejuni and C. coliNamfon Nawattanapaibool; Soithong Saiyudthong; Sureemas Buates
2014Effects of plant growth regulators for micropropagation of Dendrobium cruentum Rchb. f., A. rare Thai orchid speciesSiriwipa Sangdum; Kanchit Thammasiri