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Title: Histopathology of kidney and liver in the captive broodstock (Rastrelliger brachysoma) during its juvenile stage
Authors: Wannee Jiraungkoorskul
Keywords: Captive fish;Histopathology;Kidney;Liver;Short-mackerel
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, ChiangMai Universitity
Citation: Senarat S, Kettratad J, Tipdomrongpong S, Pengsakul T, Jiraungkoorskul W, Boonyoung P, Huang S. Histopathology of kidney and liver in the captive broodstock (Rastrelliger brachysoma) during its juvenile stage. Veterinary Integrative Sciences 2018;16(2):87-93.
Abstract: This is the first study which explained the histopathology in kidney and liver of the captive broodstock (Rastrelliger brachysoma) during its juvenile stage, to assess the health status. All fishes (n = 24) with a mean of 5.02±0.87 (SD) cm in total length, were collected during October to December 2013 and processed using standard histological protocols. Conforming to histological observation, kidney and liver parenchyma in this species were clearly altered. The most melanomacrophage center had found to be highly organized in these tissues, whereas a large number of the vacuolar structure in the hepatocyte was shown as an empty space, as also called the hepatocellular lipidosis. All lesions in the abnormal kidney and liver may be related to their reduced functions as well as health status of R. brachysoma under captive conditions.
ISSN: 2629-9968 (Online)
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