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Title: The effects of different bending techniques on corrosion resistance and nickel release of superelastic orthodontic NiTi archwires
Authors: Manthana Jariyaboon
Keywords: Corrosion;Nickel;Dental orthoses;Metal forming machines;Corrosion behavior;Corrosion potentials;Orthodontic treatments;Potentiodynamic polarization technique;Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometries (ICPMS);Metal forming machines;Bending;techniques;different;superelastic
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: 2nd International Conference on Mining, Material and Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract: Bending superelastic NiTi archwire is indicated in some stages of orthodontic treatment. The difference in bending techniques may affect corrosion resistance and nickel release. The purpose of this study was to investigate the corrosion resistance and nickel release after different bending techniques of NiTi archwires. Preform-curved NiTi archwires were used as a template for bending and used as a control group. 0.016×0.022 inches superelastic NiTi archwires were bent to curve-shape by cold bending, DERHT bending and cold bending then DERHT technique. Potentiodynamic polarization technique was used to measure corrosion behavior of the wires. Corrosion potential (ECORR), corrosion density (ICORR), and breakdown potential of each wire were determined. In addition, the amount of nickel release in the solution after the test was inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Although, the results showed that ECORR and ICORR were not statistically significantly different among all groups, the difference in breakdown potential and nickel release were observed. Similar corrosion resistance and nickel release were presented in the preform-curved NiTi archwires, cold bending, and cold bending then DERHT group. The DERHT bending group showed the lowest breakdown potential and highest nickel release.
ISSN: 17578981
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