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Title: Microscopic study of plants containing cardiac glycoside in Apocynaceae
Authors: Suda Riengrojpitak
Paweena Traiperm
Keywords: Suda Riengrojpitak;Paweena Traiperm
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: The Botanical Society under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen and The Botanical Garden Organization
Citation: Korkijthamkul W, Riengrojpitak S, Traiperm P. Microscopic study of plants containing cardiac glycoside in Apocynaceae. Thai Journal of Botany 2013;5(Special Issue):119-131.
Abstract: Three species of plants: Nerium oleander L., Thevetia peruviana (Pers.) K. Schum, and Cerbera odollam Gaertn., in the family Apocynaceae containing cardiac glycoside were studied microscopically using free-handed thin section and peeling methods for fresh samples. Leaves and fl owers of each plant were artifi cially digested with chemicals and controlled temperature. After the digestion, the samples were collected at a specifi c time point (30 min, 1-5, 24 and 48 hrs) and comparing anatomically with the undigested fresh samples. The results showed that distinguishable and specifi c microscopic structures were found in each species. The important microscopic features in leaves are the types of stomatal complex, trichomes, calcium oxalate crystals, the number of hypodermal layer and palisade mesophyll. For the fl owers, the specifi c characteristics are the types of trichomes, shape and the aperture of pollen grains. Comparison between the undigested and digested samples using the signifi cant anatomical structures had been done. The results show that the digested plant material can be identifi ed microscopically. Moreover, the signifi cant anatomical structures in the digested samples show unchanged features throughout the time of digestion. The anatomical structures had been established as the identifi cation parameters which can be employed for plant materials found in gastric contents of forensic cases.
ISSN: 1906-7038
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