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Title: Cancer Research: Computer Simulation of Tumor Growth with Immune Response
Authors: Wannapong Triampo
Keywords: Cancer modeling;Stochastic model;Cellular automaton model;Gompertz function;Immune response
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Naresuan University
Citation: Naresuan University Journal: Science and Technology 2009;17(3):196-200.
Abstract: A discrete model for the growth of an avascular tumor on a three-dimensional square lattice has been developed. A cellular automata method for tumor growth based on microscopic description of the immune system response, the cell proliferation, the cell death and its degradation is used to simulate the growth. The Monte-Carlo method is be applied to this model. The results give a growth curve which is shown to qualitatively agree well with experimental result.
ISSN: 0858-7418
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