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Title: Property modification of copper phthalocyanine film by nitrogen dioxide gas
Authors: Tanakorn Osotchan
Keywords: Copper phthalocyanine;Crystalline structure;Nitrogen dioxide;Surface morphology
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: International Conference on Functionalized and Sensing Materials, FuSeM 2009
Citation: ฟิสิกส์
Series/Report no.: ;533-536
Abstract: Copper Phthalocyanine (CuPc) thin films have a potential to use as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas sensor therefore the study of property modification of CuPc thin film by NO2 gas can lead to a better understanding the sensor operation. CuPc thin films were prepared by thermal vacuum deposition on glass substrate and aluminum interdigitated electrodes. The film characteristics were investigated with and without NO2 gas. These characteristics indicated that the resistance of CuPc film decrease as the NO2 concentration increases. In order to achieve high efficient of sensing properties, the post-deposition film was also annealed. The surface modifications were investigated with different exposed time of NO2 gas. Their properties modifications before and after annealing were investigated on the film morphology and crystalline structure. The surface morphology of the film was examined by atomic force microscopy while the crystalline structure of the film was determined by x-ray diffraction. The electrical measurements of CuPc film exposed to NO2 gas were studied in order to investigate property modification of the CuPc film.
Description: Scopus
ISSN: 10226680
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