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Title: Design of mobile robot for real world application in path planning using ZigBee localization
Authors: Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
Keywords: Farm Robot and Path planning;ZigBee
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: 2014 14th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICCAS 2014
Citation: ฟิสิกส์
Series/Report no.: ;1600-1603
Abstract: This paper proposes a new path planning algorithm for a mobile robot applicable for realistic uses in farmland, which utilizes ZigBee localization, GPS and simple path learning from the GPS-Tractor tracking. The aim of this work is to verify a possibility in applying the ZigBee localization with GPS to estimate the tracking position of a mobile robot working in a farmland. To enhance robot mobility in a large area, human-supervised decision is implicitly incorporated into the path guiding using tracking data from the GPS tractor. Such development combining other systems to help in path guiding instead of operating only the standalone software on mobile robot could reduce the complexity of the path planning in complex farmland. We have applied this technology in a real-world situation at GranMonte Vineyard and Winery, Thailand.
Description: Scopus
ISSN: 15987833
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