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Title: Biomass-based sulfonic-functionalized carbon solid acid for esterification of acetic acid
Authors: Ekasith Somsook
Keywords: Biomass;Carbon solid acid;Esterification
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Chiang Mai International Conference on Biomaterials and Applications, CMICBA 2011
Citation: เคมี
Series/Report no.: ;70-73
Abstract: Sulfonic-functionalized carbon material derived from the incomplete carbonization of mungbean vermicelli was reported here as a catalyst for esterification of acetic acid. The catalyst with the highest activity (S BET = 18.1 m 2/g and acid site density of 1.53 mmol H +/g cat) was obtained by carbonization at 573 K and sulfonation at 373 K due to a feasible attachment of more - SO 3H groups to flexible carbon sheets compared to the other synthesized solids. Approximate 64% yield of methyl acetate was achieved over (2:1) molar ratio of methanol to acetic acid with 3 wt% of catalyst. From the economic outlook, this environmentally benign C-SO 3H catalyst could be a promising candidate for the esterification of high free fatty acid feedstocks reducing the production cost of biodiesel.
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ISSN: 10226680
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