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Title: Development of a wireless electronic shoe for walking abnormalities detection
Authors: Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
Keywords: Abnormal walking;Force sensitive resistor;Gait analysis;Pattern recognition;ZigBee sensor network
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: 5th 2012 Biomedical Engineering International Conference, BMEiCON 2012
Citation: ฟิสิกส์
Series/Report no.: ;Article number 6465433
Abstract: This work portrays the development of wireless smart shoe for gait analysis. Force sensitive resistors (FSRs) and resistive bend sensor were employed by mounting onto a shoe for detection of pressure distribution beneath the foot during normal and abnormal walking. In the present study, we have been interested in 3 walking postures including normal walking, tip-toe walking and dragging foot walking. Wireless sensor network (WSN) based on ZigBee technology was employed in this work for data communication. The Principal component analysis (PCA) was used for pattern recognition in the analysis part. It was shown that the smart shoe was successful to classify between normal gait pattern and some abnormal gait patterns
Description: Scopus
ISSN: 978-146734892-8
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