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Title: Magneto-optical studies of spin phenomena in CdMnTe doped with Co and Cr
Authors: Kritsanu Tivakornsasithorn
Keywords: CdMnCoTe;CdMnCrTe;Ferromagnetic;Magneto-optical
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: 2009 TMS
Citation: Journal of Electronic Materials
Abstract: We investigate the magneto-optical and magnetic properties of two quaternary diluted magnetic semiconductor alloys, Cd 1-x-y Mn x Cr y Te and Cd 1-x-y Mn x Co y Te, with fixed Mn concentration x 0.37 and, respectively, with concentrations of Cr in the range 0 < y < 0.07 and Co in the range 0 < y < 0.009. The introduction of Cr and Co leads to very different behaviors, including the occurrence of ferromagnetic order in the case of Cd 1-x-y Mn x Cr y Te. We discuss the possible origins leading to the observed behaviors.
ISSN: 03615235
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