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Title: Cloning and characterization of β-cyanoalanine synthase gene in rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
Authors: Yada Teppabut
Unchera Viboonjun
Jarunya Narangajavana
Panida Kongsawadworakul
Keywords: Beta-Cyanoalanine synthase;Hevea brasiliensis;Latex yield;Ethylene biosynthesis;Cyanide
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Botanical Society of Thailand.
Citation: Thai journal of botany. special, 5 (2013), 249-259
Abstract: Overstimulation of rubber tree with ethylene can lead to the tapping panel dryness, a physiological disorder leading to the cessation of latex fl ow. Exogenous ethylene could induce endogenous ethylene biosynthesis causing the release of cyanide, a co-product of ethylene. In plants, cyanide could be detoxifi ed by beta-cyanoalanine synthase (CAS). In this study, full-length cDNA and promoter of HbCAS were cloned and characterized. Its deduced amino acid sequence shared 64.4-89.9% identity with CAS from other plants. The cloned promoter harbored several hormone-responsive elements including salicylic acid (SA) and auxin. Expression level of HbCAS was increased at 16 hours after SA and auxin treatments. The HbCAS expression might be up-regulated for detoxifi cation of cyanide released from endogenous ethylene biosynthesis induced by SA and auxin.
ISSN: 1906-7038
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