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Title: A simple SDE model of gastric emptying
Authors: Jiraphat Yokrattanasak
Yongwimon Lenbury
Pairote Satiracoo
Keywords: Mathematical modeling;Stochastic processes;Stochastic differential equations;Metabolism
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: The 10th East Asia Section of SIAM Conference
Citation: The 10th East Asia Section of SIAM Conference
Abstract: Many models of Gastric Emptying (GE) in human and animal have been proposed to relpresent the rate of delivery of stomach contents to the duodenum. These recently models have all considered GE as a continuous, smooth process in time, using a deterministic form (algebraic equations or ordinary differential equations). However, GE is known to occur as a sequence of spurts, irregular both in size and in timing. In this study, a simple Stochastic Differential Equation (SDE) model has been formulated. The model captures local sequence of spurts and quiet periods, able to represent the irregular decrements of gastric contents after a meal. The model is calibrated on existing literature data and provides consistent predictions of the observed variability in GE trajectories after traced meals. This approach describes well the experimental results, in particular explains the apparently heterogeneous GE rates in situations where common gastric mechanics across subjects would be expected, and can be easily incorporated into more complex metabolic models.
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