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Title: Ammonia uptake by unicellular gereen microalgae : mathematical modeling and parameter optimization
Authors: Wannaporn Triampo
Charin Modchang
Somkid Amornsamankul
Keywords: ammonia uptake;genetic algorithms;optimization differential equations;parameter estimation
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Conference in Mathematics and Applications (ICMA-MU 2013)
Citation: Southeast Asian Journal of Sciences 2,1(2013); 41-51
Abstract: We provide a system of differential equations to model nitrogen consumption of a unicellular green microalgae and their growth. The model was modified to account for different mechanisms of unionized ammonia and ammonium ion, up taken by unicellular green microalgae. An agreement between the theoretical mathematical model and experimental measurements was studied in order to validate the model. Parameter optimizations were performed by using a genetic algorithm
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