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Title: Reconstruction of insulin secretion: A modeling approach
Authors: Yongwimon Lenbury
Keywords: insulin secretion;insulin reconstruction
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The 17th Annunal Meeting in Mathematics
Citation: คณิตศาสตร์
Abstract: Deeper understanding of insulin kinetics is crucial for the control and treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is clinically important to be able to identify pancreatic secretion of insulin hormone during oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). An approach based on twocompartment kinetics model for C-peptide and two-phase clearance of insulin kinetic model for insulin, called extended combined model (ECM), was proposed by Watanabe et al. to be an alternative approach for identification of the rate of pancreatic insulin secretion and kinetic parameters. Hence, the aim in this work is to examine the accuracy of estimation derived from the approach and the numerical method used. The data of concentrations of insulin and C-peptide are generated by the ECM with known parameter values and rate of secretion to replicate the data of insulin and C-peptide during OGTT. Next, the approach is used to estimate kinetic parameters and secretory rate from the generated data with added levels of error. Finally, the values of parameter estimation are compared with known values used to generate the data. The result appears that the approach is able to provide accurate parameter estimates and rate of secretion. Therefore, the approach may apply to the practical experiments to reconstruct insulin secretion during OGTT when insulin and C-peptide concentrations are measured.
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