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Title: Dynamical modeling of the signal transduction process with time delays
Authors: Wanwarat Anlamlert
Yongwimon Lenbury
Keywords: delay differential equation;signal transduction;stability;oscillation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The 17th Annunal Meeting in Mathematics
Abstract: Signal transduction is the process by which an extracellular signal molecule activates a membrane receptor that in turn alters intracellular molecules to stimulate a cellular response. In this paper, we study a delay model of signaling pathways involving G – proteins. We give sufficient conditions on the system parameters for the system's stability using the Routh – Hurwitz criteria and prove the existence of limit cycles by applying the Hopf bifurcation theorem. We investigate the effect of time delay on the dynamic behaviors of the model for the signal transduction process. Finally, some numerical simulations are given in support of our theoretical prediction.
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