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Title: Estrogenic activity of vanilla siamensis beans evaluated by yeast estrogen screen (YES) method
Authors: Boonchird Cheuenchit
Keywords: Estrogenic activity;Vanilla siamensis;Beans;Yeast estrogen screen;YES
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Publishing Srinakharinwirot University
Citation: Journal of Srinakharinwirot University. 3, special 1 (2011), 348-354
Abstract: Vanilla is a perennial tropical orchid with succulent stem, sessile leaves and aerial adventitious roots at the nodes. Natural vanilla is a complex mixture of flavor components extracted from the beans and contain more than 250 compounds and over one hundred volatile compounds have been detected. Until now, there are some publications concerning experiments on the estrogenic activity naturally occurring in vanilla beans. In this study, the fresh green bean of Vanilla siamensis collected from field trial in Khun Wang Royal Project Development Center, Mae Wang district, Chiang Mai province, Thailand was subjected to estrogenic activity test by Yeast Estrogen Screen (Yes) system human estrogen receptors subtype alpha and beta (hER alpha and hER beta). Various concentrations of plant unsaponifiable extraction were incubated with yeast and beta-galactosidase activity was assayed. These results suggested that the beans of Vanilla siamensis provide beta-estrogen receptors (ER) selective phytoestrogen and can be used as the estrogenic plants.
ISSN: 1686-9311
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