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Title: Population dynamics and diversity of anopheles mosquito (diptera: culicidae) in a malaria endemic area of western Thailand
Authors: Jinrapa Phothikasikorn
Rapee Boonplueang
Peerapan Tan-ariya
Issue Date: 2014
Series/Report no.: STT40;808
Abstract: Malaria is still a major public health problem in western of Thailand, especially along the Thai - Myanmar border. Kanchanaburi province is one of the prevalent malaria disease areas1, especially in the village of Ban Mae NumNoi, the area ofundeveloped borders and hill region.This village locates in HuyKayieng sub district, Thong PhaPhum district, and about 200 kilometer from Muang district ofKanchanaburi province. In this area there are many illegal workers immigration from the neighboring countries into the area every year.This is the risk factor that would favor the complications and increase incidence of the diseases for Thai people.Thus, this research was conducted in order to circumvent the performance of vector surveillance and control for malarial disease by which baseline entomological systemprocess, using surveythe diversity and study on population dynamicof Anopheline mosquito vectors. The most abundance of observed mosquito and their biting peeks were exclusively based on morphological characteristics.
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