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Title: Investigation of Capitate-Sessile Glandular Trichomes on Leaf Surface Of in vitro Cannabis sativa L.
Authors: Sunissara Aiemkong
Nathinee Panvisavas
Ngarmnij Cheunboonngarm
Keywords: Cannabis sativa L.;Capitate-sessileglandular trichomes;Fast blue B salt test;Thin layer chromatography (TLC);Nitrogen content
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In this study, microscopic characteristics and distribution of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes on 4-week-old leaves collected from in vitro Cannabis sativa L. was investigated in order to demonstrate the possibility of using this microscopic characteristic of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes on C. sativa leaves as a non-destructive tool in forensic application. The results showed that there were transparent and translucent capitatesessile glandular trichomes, which the structure composed of a sphere head without stalk was found on the leaf surface. The number of capitate-sessile glandular trichome on adaxial leaf surface was significantly higher than that on abaxail leaf surface, and the highest total gland number per area was obtained from leaves collected from the second position of the plantlet. Chemical analysis of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes also confirmed the presence of cannabinoids, but not in the non-gland tissue. The investigation was also extended to leaf materials cultured on MS medium containing 0.26, 0.84 (control), and 4 g/l of total nitrogen. Total gland number of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes significantly decreased when cultured plantlet in nitrogen-elevating MS medium. In contrast, the number significantly increased in nitrogen-depleting condition. Results from this study demonstrated the possibility of using the microscopic characteristic of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes on vegetative leaves of C. sativa as a non-destructive tool in forensic application and could possibly contribute to the control and monitoring of C. sativa cultivation for industrial fiber in the future.
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