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Title: A corrected and expanded checklist of Convolvulaceae from Lao PDR
Authors: Paweena Traiperm
Keywords: Biodiversity;Indochina;Phytogeography;Floristics;New combination
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: สมาคมพฤกษศาสตร์ในพระบรมราชินูปถัมภ์ และองค์การสวนพฤกษศาสตร์
Citation: Thai Journal of Botany. 6, 1 (2014):79-87
Abstract: An updated checklist of Convolvulaceae occurring in the Lao PDR is presented. The expanded and corrected checklist documents 20 general and 72 species in the Lao flora. One new combination is made, for Merremia thorelii, to correct an earlier nomenclatural error.
ISSN: 1906-7038
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