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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013SANS/WANS time-resolving neutron scattering studiesof polymer phase transitions using NIMROD.Khamphee Phomphrai
2014Screening for antibacterial activity of protein hydrolysates from some vegetable in ThailandEakapat Kalawantawanit; Aussanee Pichakum
2014Screening for plant growth-promoting bacteria to alleviate salt effect on growth of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlingNussara Putaporntip; Aussanee Pichakum; Wisuwat Songnuan
Jul-2017Seed micromorphology and ex vitro germination of Dendrobium orchidsKanchit Thammasiri
2005Selecting attributes for soft-computing analysis in hybrid intelligent systemsPuntip Pattaraintakorn; Gereone, Nick; Kanlaya Naruedomkul
2016Sensor drone for aerial odor mapping for agriculture and security servicesTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2012Sensor pillow and bed sheet system: Unconstrained monitoring of respiration rate and posture movements during sleepTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2011Sensor pillow system: Monitoring cardio-respiratory and posture movements during sleepTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2011Sequential injection analysis with electrochemical detection as a tool for economic and rapid evaluation of total antioxidant capacityDuangjai Nacapricha
2011Serum lipid peroxidation and antioxidant vitamin in Thai vagansNoppawan Phumala
2015Short-term storage of alginate-encapsulated protocorm-like bodies of Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi (Breda) Blume &Rchb. f.Kanchit Thammasiri
2002Simple flow injection system for colorimetric determination of iodate in iodized saltKanchana Uraisin; Duangjai Nacapricha
2014A simple SDE model of gastric emptyingJiraphat Yokrattanasak; Yongwimon Lenbury; Pairote Satiracoo
2012Simultaneous injection effective mixing flow analysis of urinary albumin using dye-binding reactionDuangjai Nacapricha
2011SIS-SEIQR adaptive network model for pandemic influenzaSomsak Orankitjaroen; Boonmee Wattananon
2013A smart sniffing shoes based on embroidered sensor arrayTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2014Soil sensing survey robots based on electronic noseTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2008Spectroscopys studies of iron phthalocyanine thin filmsTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2008Spectroscopys studies of iron phthalocyanine thin filmsTanakorn Osotchan
2008The spin Hamiltonian parameters calculation of 14N and 15N in natural type I diamond.Siwaporn Meejoo Smith