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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Method Development for Dark-induced Senescence Measurement in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) LeafWisuwat Songnuan; Aussanee Pichakum
2013The method to produce light-color natural rubberHathaichanok Boonyang; Jitladda Sakdapipanich
2014The method to produce light-color natural rubberJitladda (Tangpakdee) Sakdapipanich
2015Micro-morphological Study of the Genus Evolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae) in ThailandPaweena Traiperm
2009Microclimate real-time monitoring based on ZigBee sensor networkTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2011A micrograting sensor for DNA hybridization and antibody human serum Albumin-Antigen human serum albumin interaction experimentsTanakorn Osotchan
2017Micropropagation for conservation of Zingiberaceae in Surin province, ThailandKanchit Thammasiri
2017Micropropagation of Dendrobium cruentum Rchb. f., a rare Thai orchid speciesKanchit Thammasiri
2014Micropropagation of Hedychium coronariumKanchit Thammasiri; Ngarmnij Chuenboonngarm; Thaya Jenjittikul
2014Micropropagation of Rhynchostylis gigantea var. rubra through protocorm-like bodiesSasikarn Prasongsom; Kanchit Thammasiri; Ngarmnij Chuenboonngarm
2017Micropropagation of Spathoglottis eburnea Gagnep, a Thai orchid species, through shoot tipsKanchit Thammasiri Nathinee Panvisavas
2014Microsatellite marker development for some medicinal plant identificationThaya Jenjittikul
2013Microscopic study of plants containing cardiac glycoside in ApocynaceaeSuda Riengrojpitak; Paweena Traiperm
2009Midgut Function in Aedes Aegypti Mosquito after Dengue Virus-Blood IngestionSangvorn Kitthawee
2009Midgut Function in Aedes Aegypti Mosquito after Dengue Virus-Blood IngestionSukathida Ubol
2009Midgut Function in Aedes Aegypti Mosquito after Dengue Virus-Blood IngestionSasitorn Rojananuengnit
2014Mineral profile for milk traceabilityNathinee Panvisavas
2014A mini-review on genetics and ischemic strokePermphan Dharmasaroja
2011Mining of frequent itemsets with JoinFI-mine algorithmGumpon Sritanratana
2009Mobile electronic nose based on carbon nanotube-SnO2 gas sensors: Feature extraction techniques and its applicationTeerakiat Kerdcharoen