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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adsorption of Metal-Phthalocyanine Molecule on Aluminum (100) Surface: The DFT StudyMalliga Suewattana; Withoon Chunwachirasiri; Tanakorn Osotchan; Asawin Sinsarp
2009Eeffect of mixing hopping sites for carrier transport in organic semiconductor nanodevicesTanakorn Osotchan
2010Effect of annealing on material properties of both electrodes in dye sensitized solar cell structureTanakorn Osotchan
2009Effect of defect sites in charge carrier mobility enhancement of hopping modelTanakorn Osotchan
2007Effect of ion depth in low energy ion scattering Spectroscopy for evaluating nanostructuresTanakorn Osotchan
2009Effect of opposite side electrodes in organic field-effect transistor structureTanakorn Osotchan
2010Effect of pH on the formation of a bovine serum albumin layer on a poly(stryren-co-maleic acid) surfaceTanakorn Osotchan
2000Energy dispersion contour approach to calculate optical properties of quantum well structuresTanakorn Osotchan
2013Fabrication and I-V characterization with monochromatic light of multilayer poly(3-hexylthiophene)-CNT/C60 thin films on ITO glass substrateKittitat Subannajui; Tanakorn Osotchan
2017Fabrication and Properties of polyacrylic acid by ionic surfactant disturbance methodTanakorn Osotchan
2010Fabrication of micropattern grating platform for sensing bio-molecule interactionTanakorn Osotchan
2008Feature difference of interaction between various organic solvent vapors and metal phthalocyanines coated on quartz crystalTanakorn Osotchan
2000High resolution X-ray diffraction analysis of p-type strained InGaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well structuresTanakorn Osotchan
2007Hopping and drift-diffusion currents in organic devicesTanakorn Osotchan
2018Improved hardness of nanocomposite films on PMMA sheet using beadmilled-SiO2 nanoparticle in dowanol PMNuttawee Niamsiri; Tanakorn Osotchan; Toemsak Srikhirin
1999Influence of strain on two-dimensional electron gas in pseudomorphic HEMT structuresTanakorn Osotchan
1999InGaAlAs/InAlAs multiple quantum-well structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy for long wavelength infrared detectionTanakorn Osotchan
2012An investigation of molecular interactions between zinc phthalocyanine thin film and various oxidizing gases for sensor applicationsTanakorn Osotchan
2017Investigation of using wavelet analysis for classifying pattern of cyclic voltammetry signalsTanakorn Osotchan
2010Kinetic study of protein formation and digestion by quartz crystal microbalanceTanakorn Osotchan