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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Healthcare shoe system for gait monitoring and foot odor detectionsTreenet Thepudom; Thara Seesaard; Wathang Donkrajang; Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
2011Identification of people from armpit odor region using networked electronic noseTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2014Indoor air quality monitoring system based on polymer/functionalized-SWNT gas sensorsTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2012Inkjet printed graphene/metal phthalocyanine hybridmaterial for gas sensing applicationsTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2012Inkjet printing of chemiresistive sensors based on polymer and carbon nanotube networksTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2012Inkjet printing of chemiresistive sensors for the detection of volatile organic compoundsTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2009Inkjet printing PEDOT:PSS using desktop inkjet printerTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2010Inkjet-printed optical gas sensor based on metallo-phthalocyanine layersTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2013Intelligent smelling shirt based on fabric sensors for health status monitoringTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2009Investigation of thermal and methanol-vapor treatments for MgTPP as an optical gas sensorTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2010A low-cost data-glove for human computer interaction based on ink-jet printed sensors and ZigBee networksTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2009Low-Cost electronic nose evaluated on thai-herb of northern-Thailand samples using multivariate analysis methodsTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2009Microclimate real-time monitoring based on ZigBee sensor networkTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2009Mobile electronic nose based on carbon nanotube-SnO2 gas sensors: Feature extraction techniques and its applicationTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2015Monitoring of microbial canned food spoilage and contamination based on e-nose for smart homeTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2011Nanostructured gas sensors by electron beam evaporationTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2014A novel creation of thread-based ammonia gas sensors for wearable wireless security systemTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2012Novel Flexible NH3 Gas Sensor Prepared by Ink-Jet Printing TechniqueTeerakiat Kerdcharoen
2014On-cloth wearable E-nose for monitoring and discrimination of body odor signatureTeerakiat Kerdcharoen; Thara Seesaard; Panida lorwongtragool; Sasiprapa Seaon
2011An optical artificial nose system for odor classifications based on LED arraysTeerakiat Kerdcharoen